About the ANTIGONE expert workshops

ANTIGONE is one of many research groups in the world that are studying aspects of infectious disease emergence.  As such, ANTIGONE alone will not provide all the answers on the questions we have on factors promoting the emergence of pathogens with human pandemic potential.  For this reason ANTIGONE will organize a series of expert workshops, making use of the well-tried method of the “Dahlem model” (for more information on the Dahlem method visit: http://www.fu-berlin.de/en/sites/dahlemkonferenzen/modell/index.html ).

In the ANTIGONE expert workshops the lead investigators of ANTIGONE will be brought together with a multi-disciplinary group of world experts, grouped into four panels of ten experts according to four main questions/topics to be addressed. Starting three months in advance of a five day workshop, each panel prepares, under the coordination of an ANTIGONE partner, a review paper related to the specific question of the panel, for circulation and discussion prior to the workshop. During the five day workshop parallel sessions and plenary sessions are held according to the following schedule:





In the months following the expert workshop, ANTIGONE develops and publishes a synthesis in book or article form, based on the workshop reports, under the coordination of the appointed ANTIGONE coordinator.