2013 ANTIGONE One Health Course

The EU consortium ANTIGONE organizes a three-week course that will take place between 16 September and 4 October 2013 in Ciudad Real, Spain. This course is part of the project ANTIGONE, which is the acronym for ANTIcipating the Global Onset of Novel Epidemics, and is a European research network of 14 academic partners from seven European Member states.

This course is intended to help to provide the next generation of scientists with an interdisciplinary perspective to deal with emerging infectious diseases. We are inviting up to 30 graduates in a variety of disciplines (including medicine, veterinary medicine, medical biology, and ecology) from Europe and elsewhere to take part in this One Health course.

The basic set-up of the course is to discuss the different aspects of the so-called “chain of emergence” that a pathogen needs to follow to cross from an animal reservoir to the human population and become efficiently transmissible. Sections of the course will be devoted to wild and domestic animal hosts of emerging pathogens; the environment and vectors; and human aspects of disease emergence. The course consists of lectures with ample time for informal discussions in the mornings and site visits/excursions/practicals in the afternoons, and will allow plenty of interaction among students and with the invited speakers. Target audience for this one health course will be graduates in the fields of human and veterinary medicine, epidemiology, virology, bacteriology, parasitology, ecology and other discioplines related to One Health. Please click here for the leaflet.

Please note that registration for this One Health Course closes on 20 April 2013!