Overview of elective courses

Elective courses: EMC

Course in Virology EMC
Basic Human Genetics Course EMC
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Human Diseases EMC
Biomedical Research Techniques EMC
Translational Imaging Workshop EMC
Microscopic Image Analysis EMC
In Vivo Cellular Imaging EMC
Researh Master programme Infection & Immunity EMC

Elective courses: IP

Basic Virology IP
General Bacteriology IP
Advanced Immunology IP
HKU/IP Virology Course

Elective courses: AHVLA

Pandemic Prepardness Planning AHVLA
MSc in Global Health: Pathogens and Policy

Elective courses: IREC-UCLM

Epidemiology and control of diseases shared with wildlife
Systems Biology of host-vector-pathogen interactions and vaccine development

Elective courses: IOZ (jointly with RVC)

M.Sc in Wild Animal Health IOZ

Elective courses: INSERM

Virus and Immunity

Elective courses: WWU

Rapid Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for Public Health Microbiology