About Young ANTIGONE

ANTIGONE will organize five annual “One-Health” courses providing a relevant combination of training in human medicine, veterinary medicine, and other critical disciplines ┬áto prepare a new generation of scientist to deal with tomorrow’s global health problems. In addition, the training of young scientists in the field of “One Health” will be broadened by improving their access to relevant existing courses provided by ANTIGONE partner institutes.

The ANTIGONE One Health training programme consists of a three-week-long course to be held annually at a different institute of the ANTIGONE consortium. The course is intended for up to 50 MSc. and PhD. students with a background in human medicine, veterinary medicine, or another relevant discipline. Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of viral and bacterial diseases. The course will be divided into formal lectures, laboratory work, site visits, and group studies. In this set-up, the learning objectives of the lectures will be assessed in practice, with discussion and feed-back.  Learning objectives will include: principles of disease emergence, interspecies barriers, intrahuman and interhuman barriers, and diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of human emerging diseases. Existing courses, or parts of existing courses, are selected in ANTIGONE partner institutes at the MSc. and PhD. level, and make them available to outside students, including those from ANTIGONE partner institutes.