2014 ANTIGONE One Health Course

The 2014 ANTIGONE One Health Course will be organised by Universitätsklinikum Bonn on 15 -30 September 2014.

Course information

Emerging infectious pathogens reside in animal reservoirs and cause highly pathogenic diseases with
epidemic or epizootic potential if transmitted to humans or livestock. The emergence of new exotic pathogens
can be linked to changes in ecology and environment, human encroachment into primary ecosystems,
agricultural intensification, urbanization, global trade and travel, and socioeconomic factors. Arthropod-borne
pathogens are responsible for about one third of emerging infectious diseases. This course will focus on maintenance mechanisms, evolution and spread of vector-borne pathogens.

Course details
Summary: Immersion (lectures, practical training & excursions) in the multitude of disciplines that make up One Health
Goal: To help to equip the next generation of scientists with the holistic view required to deal with emerging infections
Target audience: Graduates from any discipline related to One Health
Time and place: 15th to 30th September 2014, Institute of Virology, University of Bonn, Germany
Fee: 350 to 2000 Euros; travel/ accommodation support for Antigone/ Emperie/ Predemics participants
Deadline for application: 20th June 2014 (onehealthcourse@virology-bonn.de)